Welcome to the home page of the CMR Group: providing information services to healthcare, marketing and research.

Our mission is to harness technological and intellectual innovation to collect data, summarise it and deliver quick, informative reports.

Our goal is to assist researchers to increase the efficiency of all aspects of the business intelligence process - from sampling to analysis.

We also run seminars on an ad hoc basis to allow researchers and our clients to discuss important industry topics and ideas. We achieve this through a set of boutique services that can be accessed separately or as a complete service.


With offices in London and Colombia our multidisciplinary team has a wide experience of differing information needs from individual assessment measures for personal advancement through to .

To arrange a discussion for any project or just to find out more please call us on +44 (0) 20 8274 5000.

Companies & Websites

Revalidation at Cmrgroup.com

Based upon our extensive experience of analysing market research questionnaires we offer doctors a simple, confidential service to handle their patient and colleague satisfaction feedback forms, providing the relevant reports in good time for their revalidation appraisal (for further details see www.revalidation.cmrgroup.com).

Sample Answers

Sample Answers provides a comprehensive global sampling service to market and social researchers, meeting the needs for quality samples, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Best known for our worldwide RDD sample for quality random sampling of the general population, we nevertheless provide all types of sample from general consumer or business samples through to highly targeted groups of individuals from anywhere in the world. So whoever in the world you need – call us first.

Prime Prospects

Prime Prospects helps you find new customers. Simply tell us your target market and your catchment area and we will select names and addresses specifically to match the types of client you want to reach.

We can also profile your existing client base and overlay further list refinements for pertinent communications. We compare your existing base against our prospects to avoid wastage and use our mapping system to show you exactly where each client and prospect is located. In short - we do the work for you.

Global Research Network

The Global Research Network (GRN) is a unique community of Research Organisations, Marketers, End User Clients, Consumers and Service Suppliers, which has been set up to share information and to provide benefits to all its members.

Membership of GRN provides access to a full range of information, added value services and research tools, which collectively add up to a complete web based solution for the insight industry.


Risk-E has been created to assist business decisions by identifying the key information influencing a decision and evaluating the potential for error.

The software is simple to use and merely requires the decision maker to select the variable that best represents the decision under consideration and the list of potential influences to be analysed and the degree of ‘risk’ that the decision will accept.